Official Coley Exclusive Interview

 Exclusive Interview with Coley  

Exclusive Interview with Coley  


Greetings, Today is a big day for you! Your music video for "Sushi", what was the creative process for this song? 


--My creative process is shamanistic and indescribable. I derive inspiration from the depths of the human condition and bleed truth onto the record. Nah, I'm just playin'. I took a hoe out to sushi. Learned my lesson. Forgot my lesson. Took more hoes out to sushi. Learned more lessons. Decided to pass on the knowledge for man and womankind (there are male hoes too so ladies be careful... unless the hoe you're dating is me).

2. Now your music is definitely interesting, when you're writing and creating lyrics where does the inspiration spark? 

---Thank ya :) It's actually the deep shit I mentioned in the 1st question lol. I live an absurd life and channel that through the music whether its a deep song about my family, a sociopolitical view I have or a silly song about sushi. 

3. Revel Music Group you started with some partners, when did you realize music was where you wanted to be? 

---5 Years Old. Always wanted to be an artist / music mogul and have been writing songs & doin' biz ever since. I founded Revel Music after I left Wall Street and brought on some incredible partners. Can learn more about Revel @ Still got a ways to go, in due time :) 


4. Now you have had some adventure in life, what has been your most breathtaking moment? 

---I drowned off the coast of Paradise Island in the Dominican Republic. Nearly died and went unconscious twice while swimming to shore after the current pulled me about 200 yards from the island in choppy waves. The world looked vividly beautiful after that. 

5. Alley Oop featuring Bun B how did that collaboration come about and what was the inspiration for that track? 

---Bun is a legend in the game, and I've always been a fan of his work. Alley Oop is the hustler's anthem on the code one must follow when ooping opportunities back and forth. In true art imitating life fashion, I was working on some things with Bun and his people and sent him the record. Was a blessing to have the OG pimp hop on it. We then performed it together at Allen Iverson's Retirement Party when Revel threw that in Philly. It was dope.

6. How would you describe your style?

---Playful. Brutally Honest. Absurd. Hustler Pop. 


7. Now the summer is coming, spring is officially ending. What summer jams can we anticipate? 

---I got a party record called Atari coming soon, and I drop my debut album Coley in the beginning of summer. 

8. Social media how major of a role does it play for you, and how often are you on social media sites? 

---Ehh to be honest, I'm out livin life and don't go on social networks much at all. I probably should more to promote my music but I prefer walking the artist's way and eventually a group of people who appreciate what I do will find it. All of my sites are @OfficialColey. 

9. So music video "Sushi" is out and what's next for you? 

---3 new music videos and my debut album will be released over the next few months. Mixing my 2nd album now and recording the 3rd. TV project in the works. Hustlin' my balls off to fund everything myself independently. Revel Music Group will be announcing a few new business ventures and partnerships. 

10. Any last words for your fans? Thank you again for your time, I know you're a busy man! 

---Don't take yourself too seriously. Life gets purdy sweet when you stop giving a fuck.