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The music industry is filled with writers, producers, composers, engineers filled with orgasmic creativity music lovers indulge in with replays! Being fortunate  enough to encounter music artist Deedub, for a one-on-one interview discussing his upcoming album, recently released music project, among touring and highly anticipated move's this summer! 
Deedub's hit the music industry with humble beginnings, enriched skilled development among keeping a down to earth attitude. Inquiring about producing skills and artistry, he tells about learning from the best, Young Guru a producer for Jay-Z who better to expose and shape creativity! From Young Guru, he tells me about learning production and how he absorbed all the wisdom, however maybe it was the opening for Snoop Dogg and Eek-A-Mouse. Deedubs also goes on to tell about his release of "Liberation" which is out now, making this album number two and the fans couldn't be anymore happier! He's working on a new music project now, but relax no due date yet on this creative magic, however he has reassured that the anticipation will be worth the wait; He's filled with positive attitude he's even looking forward to the Special Olympics and preforming there for his fans among showing his support!  
  This young man says that he doesn't have a personal motto that he says daily, however, when he's working on his dope music he channels "Winning" let's just say, oh boy, his music "Winning" and his stage presence command your attention, in his word "the Charlie Sheen mentality". Inquiring about where he thinks music is headed he simply replies "That's a great question, because to think about where music is headed, I don't know as far as the whole industry is creating, cause I don't keep up or try to follow the trend" and pauses to added "I just do what I do, creating music from my heart, and what I'm feeling now is just some funky beats. Hip Hop with Carribean beats, it just comes out with more of a positive sound! During the interview being ready to dance, the young man has truly embraced his genre cross over, the proof is clear his award winning with his music! 
When it comes to social media, he'll admit he see's now the combination of social media and music has been a great platform for many, however, he doesn't live with it, but he'll look into adding more social media time, just doesn't plan on becoming addicted! 
Deedub's has a camp that inspired his debuting single, albums, other music projects. Even with his soundcloud he sits down with family and friends to decide if that's the single to run with or back to the drawing board. This young man is humble enough to admit that it's also a feeling and that sometimes from his gut! With the summer beaming bright upon him and his successful release of "Liberation", the music industry is his playground and were all ready for recess! Make sure you follow him on his Instagram and Twitter, checkout his soundcloud because sometimes being a fan you'll receive more than music, but leaving that there you'll just have to follow to find out! 



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